Globally we’ve seen a decline of 16% in new HIV infections in 2019

"Globally we've seen a decline of 16% in new #HIV infections. But that really varies by region," says Mary Mahy, UNAIDS Special Adviser on Epidemiology and Monitoring. Find out more about the state of the #AIDS epidemic in our new #AIDSreport2019. — UNAIDS (@UNAIDS) July 18, 2019

End AIDS by 2030

90-90-90: AN AMBITIOUS TREATMENT TARGET TO HELP END THE AIDS EPIDEMIC Ending the AIDS epidemic is more than a historic obligation to the 39 million people who have died of the disease. It also represents a momentous opportunity to lay the foundation for a healthier, more just and equitable world for future generations. Ending the […]

New HIV Infection among children

#HIV infections among #children (aged 0–14 years) have nearly halved over the past decade. But there is still much more to do. — UNAIDS (@UNAIDS) June 13, 2019

TB Preventive Therapy Meeting

Community support, community support, community support is needed to help overcome hurdles and meet the goals – Shannon Hader @UNAIDS at the @StopTB Global TB Preventive Therapy meeting. #ENDTB #TB #tuberculosis — Stop TB Partnership (@StopTB) July 1, 2019